YES on D to Get Santa Cruz County Moving!

Welcome to the YES on Measure D Website. Whether we travel on foot, by bicycle, car or bus we all agree it should be safer, faster and easier to get where we’re going.

Many local streets and roads are in poor condition, highways are crowded and public transportation suffers from state and federal budget cuts. Options for safe biking are limited, cut-through traffic threatens neighborhood safety and there aren’t enough sidewalks and safe crossings for pedestrians.Our traffic congestion is so bad that critical police, fire and ambulance response time is often lost on crowded local highways. Measure D can improve the outcomes for those in need of 9-1-1 emergency services.

Cuts in federal and state funding have significantly reduced funding for transportation improvements. Measure D is the only option to address these issues.

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Invest in our transit future

In addition to choosing a new president, this year’s election gives us the power to dramatically improve, or neglect, critical transportation needs in our community through Measure D. Ecology Action was an early supporter of D because the measure invests heavily in new modes of transportation and makes practical progress toward a transformed transportation future. Please join me in voting Yes on Measure D for investments that will put the power in people’s hands to build a better community.

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