Measure D can get county moving again

By Mark Dettle, Scott Hamby, Steve Jesberg, Steve Palmisano and John Preseligh, Special to the Sentinel

Measure D, November’s local sales tax measure to get our county moving again, has a lot of pieces to it but ultimately only one choice when it comes to our our failing transportation system: doing something or doing nothing.

We, the public works directors of every jurisdiction in the county, live our transportation problems every day, but so do you. We know the dangers you face when walking or biking over crowded neighborhood roads, or the concerns you have because your children don’t have safer routes to schools. We feel your frustrations about jarring potholes and broken asphalt, and the need for better public transit options. And we know that time spent sitting in Highway 1 traffic is time spent away from your families.

If we could fix these problems now, we would. But due to lack of funding we can’t. And while Measure D won’t fix everything, it’s a step in the right direction. In fact, it’s much more than that.

Measure D is a carefully crafted proposal with many benefits for local roads, transit, bicycling and walking. Moreover, the greatest share of the money — 30 percent — is set aside for local roads. The cities and county devised a distribution formula based on population, road miles and sales taxes generated. We believe it is fair and equitable.

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