Measure D Pays for Needed Road Repairs

Measure D — County Transportation Tax Measure — Pays for Needed Road Repairs

by Chris Finnie

Unlike a lot of recent local transit measures that only focus on the Highway 1 corridor, Measure D actually spreads funding around more widely. In fact, more funding goes to road repair and neighborhood safety improvements than any other category of spending.

Don Lane, co-chair of the Yes on D campaign, explained that CalTrans is only responsible for maintaining local highways, not improving them. So, after a portion of roadway starts to crumble into a canyon, they’ll step in and reinforce it. But they won’t improve it before that happens. Measure D would give the county the funds to do that. He adds that, “30% annually, or about $5 million a year goes to each jurisdiction for repairs. That would mean about $2.5 million a year for county roads.” The Board of Supervisors and the County Public Works Department will allocate the funding raised by a ½¢ increase in sales taxes countywide.

State or federal governments cannot take funds raised by Measure D. But the additional funding will make it possible for Santa Cruz County to take advantage of matching funds that are available from the state and federal governments—something not possible without Measure D.

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