Yes on transit tax Measure D, once again

Editorial published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel

We don’t often rerun editorials. But we’re making an exception in the case of Measure D, a half-cent sales tax hike that would fund transportation improvements in the county.

It’s that important.

So here is some of what we wrote Sept. 18:

Don’t be fooled by the hyperbole and misinformation regarding transportation issues in our county.

If you live and work in Santa Cruz County, or commute to work elsewhere, you already know the truth: The traffic is miserable on the one coastal highway serving the county, and the surface streets countywide are mostly in states of disrepair.

That’s why it’s not even a close call on the Nov. 8 countywide transportation tax, Measure D. We recommend a yes vote, without qualification.

For many residents of Santa Cruz County, their No. 1 issue is traffic congestion, especially on Highway 1. Riding alongside are three other horsemen of the transportation apocalypse: gridlock and congestion; overrun side streets and neighborhoods; and the wretched condition of roads in the unincorporated areas of the county.

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