Yes On Measure D Campaign Hails Countywide Super-Majority Support for Transportation Progress

The Yes on D – Get Santa Cruz County Moving campaign today thanked voters and supporters for meeting the required super majority of two-thirds support for passage of Measure D.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the passage of Measure D and extremely thankful for the unprecedented breadth of support provided by volunteers and local organizations throughout the county,” said campaign co-chair John Leopold. “Voters countywide said ‘yes’ to a historic, sustainable transportation plan for Santa Cruz County. With a projected turnout of approximately 80% and yes votes totaling more than two-thirds of those cast, the message is clear: Santa Cruz County residents support a new direction in local transportation planning.”

Measure D will provide locally controlled funds for improvements that will reduce traffic congestion, reduce our carbon footprint, protect wildlife and promote alternative transportation such as biking, walking, busing and carpooling. Passage of Measure D also finally makes it possible for Santa Cruz County to take advantage of matching funds from the state and federal governments.

Measure D will fund:

  • An unprecedented, $130 million investment in safe bike lanes, bike paths and pedestrian crossings to support better transportation choices for all residents
  • Reduction of traffic congestion on our major roads to prevent fuel waste and idling, which will reduce the pollution causing global warming
  • Improved safety for kids biking and walking to school
  • Creation of two new bicycle/pedestrian bridges over Highway 1
  • Completion of significant sections of the 32-mile Coastal Trail that will connect Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos and Watsonville — and study the potential of future rail transit
  • Preservation of vital local transit services and expansion of Lift-Line services that help seniors and the disabled maintain independent, active lives
  • Funding for traveler information and transportation demand management programs like Cruz511 and carpool/vanpool coordination
  • The Highway 17 wildlife undercrossing to reduce vehicle and wildlife collisions