Why is Measure D important for Santa Cruz County?

Many of Santa Cruz County’s roads are in dire need of repair, we’re spending too much time trapped in traffic, and we’re using local roads as a cut-through from freeway traffic making our local roads unsafe for bicyclists and pedestrians. We need meaningful countywide commute relief and safer roads. Residents, employees and businesses rely on our roads and alternative transportation methods to be well maintained and safe. Each year we wait to provide additional funding, road repairs and transportation improvements become more expensive. Measure D will provide Santa Cruz County with a guaranteed source of local controlled funding to repair and maintain our roads and improve safety. Measure D will keep Santa Cruz County moving.

Why is a dedicated source of local transportation funding like Measure D necessary?

Our county is too reliant on unstable and declining transportation funds that come from the state and federal government. Measure D will be on the November 2016 ballot, which if passed will provide a guaranteed source of local funding. Securing this funding also helps Santa Cruz County secure matching funds from Sacramento and Washington, D.C. that will help get these important projects completed and would otherwise go to other areas.

How will Measure D “Get Santa Cruz County Moving?”

Measure D will:

  • Fix potholes
  • Ease traffic congestion on Highway 1 and other congested roads
  • Speed up emergency response
  • Improve safety for children walking and bicycling near schools
  • Expand safe bike routes
  • Maintain senior and disabled transit services
  • Improve traffic flow on highways and reduce dangerous neighborhood
    cut-through traffic
  • Invest in transportation projects that reduce pollution causing global warming

Is Measure D helping to promote sustainable transportation?

Yes! Measure D will fund the most environmentally sustainable local transportation improvement plan in California. It provides more than $100 million for safer bike routes and protects vital transit services for seniors and those with disabilities so we can reduce reliance on automobiles and keep seniors mobile and active in their communities.

How will Measure D address congestion relief and safety improvements on Highway 1?

Congestion on Highway 1 is due to increased use and the limitations of the highway. Measure D will provide funding for congestion relief and safety improvements on Highway 1 and other major roads. Easing traffic congestion on major roads will improve 9-1-1 emergency response times and reduce the time residents and employees spend idling in their cars.

How do I know that the funds raised by Measure D will be spent as promised?

Measure D creates dedicated funding here in Santa Cruz County that can only be used to keep our communities moving, safer and faster. Neither the state nor federal government can take away Measure D funds. Measure D mandates strong taxpayer safeguards, including independent financial audits and citizen oversight.

When can I vote on Measure D?

Measure D will appear on the November 8, 2016 ballot. All registered voters in Santa Cruz County will be eligible to vote on Measure D. Absentee voters should expect to receive their ballot in the mail the week of October 10. The deadline to register to vote in this election is October 24. Measure D must receive 66.67% approval in order to pass.

Do you have questions about voting on Measure D?

To register to vote please visit http://registertovote.ca.gov/. If you are unsure if you are registered to vote or do not receive your absentee ballot the week of October 10, please call (831) 454-3389 or visit http://www.votescount.com/.

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